Contact me

Steve Anderson

Email unclesteve@cox.net
Cell phone (619) 459-0798
Address 8002 Beaver Lake drive
San Diego, CA  92119
Hobbies Christmas & Halloween displays (obviously)
SCUBA diving
hanging with friends
taking my dog (Pluto) to the beach
going to movies
performing a little magic now and then
going to Disneyland a lot!
software & hardware Engineering

A few of my favorite photos:

My Golden Retriever "Pluto"

Boarding the "Horizon" dive boat


Diving at San Clemente Island

Yep, it's me on Mardi Gras night aboard the "Horizon" on my dive club's 3 day trip

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

"Tiggers are wonderful things!"
(Sometime in the 90's)

Leaving Disneyland at 11:15 p.m. after the Club 33 45th anniversary dinner
What an incredible evening!
I met four Disney Legends; Marty Sklar, Jack Lindquist, Peter Clark & Dave Smith
It's good to be the King!


Hanging with Walt & Mickey
Hmmm.... what am I holding?

A very famous corner of the Disney Studios

June 30, 2012 Riding Lilly Belle - Disneyland Railroad President Parlor Car
Notice anything unusual? Where is everyone else?
Like I said, it's good to be the King!


Me in my Sam Flynn Tron Legacy suit with Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan, stars of the first Tron movie
At Comic-Con 2012

Reflecting in Walt's apartment 8/8/2012






Sept. 2012
I'm 58 years old now and having the time of my life!

At Club 33 Brunch Sept. 30th, 2012


At Club 33 Brunch Sept. 30th, 2012


Butterfly exhibit at San Diego County fair 6/25/2013


At Star Trek Exhibition at San Diego County Fair 6/25/2013
With Friend Art Lewis

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